At APA, we strive to provide quality, comprehensive, convenient, accessible healthcare for your children. This means our focus is on your children and your family. From birth to college age, we want to help you understand and care for your child. Whether your needs are well check ups, sick visits, newborn care, behavioral concerns, or even inpatient medical care (for which we often coordinate with the faculty at the Children’s Hospital), we at APA want to serve your child and family every step of the way.

New Parents

We are more than happy to meet with you while you are expecting in order to get to know you as well as answer any questions you might have about us or your pregnancy.

Newborn Baby Checkup

We want to see our patients in the hospital from birth whenever possible and believe it is important to connect with parents and infants right out of the delivery room.

Well Checks

We strive to provide excellent preventive care for children, to include infant checkups, immunizations, childhood screenings, baseline lab work, and sports physicals.

Sick Child

When you are concerned about your child’s health, we are concerned. At APA, we try our best to see every child when he or she is sick on the same day you call our office.


Childhood immunizations are one of the greatest medical blessings our children have, and represent one of the greatest achievements of Western medicine.

Lab Testing

In keeping with our desire to provide comprehensive care for your child, we offer as many laboratory services as possible right in our own office, including most routine lab work.

In-Office Procedures

We are equipped in office to provide many procedures for sick children, which can often times eliminate the need to send your children to Emergency Departments for care.