Sick Child

When you are concerned, we are concerned. At APA, we try our best to see your sick child on the day you call. Try to call as early in the day as possible if you think your child needs to be seen. Our triage nurse is here to answer questions if needed or to schedule you an appointment with your doctor. We know that being sick is never convenient so by being open 7 days a week, we stay available to you when you need us. If you need emergency care after office hours, we recommend taking your child to the Children’s Hospital of Georgia Emergency Department. You can also learn about ways to approach common childhood illnesses here.

Inpatient Care

Our physicians maintain privileges at University Hospital and Doctors Hospital and are part of the medical staff of these hospitals. We do occasionally admit our patients to these hospitals when the need arises. However, for children in the Augusta area, we feel privileged to have a children’s hospital right here, the Children’s Hospital of Georgia at Georgia Regents University, where children receive care that is second to none. We maintain close relationships with the pediatricians and surgeons there who we trust completely to take care of our patients when they have a medical problem requiring admission. Additionally, we, too, are a part of the clinical faculty in the Department of Pediatrics, helping to train medical students and residents here in our office.

Behavioral Health

Children often have concerns that go beyond fevers and rashes. From toddlers with behavior issues to problems at school or depression, we want to help you understand what’s going on with your child and walk with you through these stressful times. Call and schedule an appointment anytime so that we can talk. And make sure you ask our scheduling staff if your physician would want extra time for the appointment; we never want to rush through such delicate concerns.