The physicians of Augusta Pediatric Associates are all in agreement that childhood immunizations are one of the greatest medical blessings our children have, and represent one of the greatest achievements of Western medicine.

Ironically, the very success of the vaccines has unfortunately caused some parents to believe that these immunizations are not necessary. The reasoning is that since the diseases are not seen often now, preventive vaccination is not needed. However, the diseases are still with us, and if a large number of children are not immunized, we will see increasing numbers of our children becoming ill with vaccine-preventable illnesses.

Also, there has been much in the popular media over the past 15-20 years regarding vaccines, their safety, and their possible associations with autism or mental retardation. This misinformation has caused some parents a great amount of fear and anxiety.

For this reason, we have created an Immunization Policy for your review, which you may download here.