Who we are

We are physicians for children.

We are physicians. We care about our patients. We care about each patient: body, soul, and mind. And we are skilled to care for sick patients in each of these areas.

We are for our patients. We are on their side. We will fight for them. We will do what it takes to see that they receive excellent and loving care.

We are privileged to be physicians for children. We love children. We love taking care of your children. We love taking care of children around the world. We are highly trained to care for the needs of infants, children, and adolescents.

We are physicians for children.

staffOur Physicians: (L to R) Dr. Leverett, Dr. Newton, Dr. Wilson, Dr. Threadgill, Dr. Lane, Dr. Massey, Dr. Lazari, Dr. Drake, Dr. Coleman, Dr. Hanna
staff-2Rhonda Hatcher, Office Manager
staff-3Kathy Williamson, Practice Administrator

Our Approach

“…children are a gift of the LORD.” Psalm 127:4

This verse forms the foundation of our practice. We believe that your children are gifts that God has given you. They are far more than physical bodies, as wonderful as the human body is; they are also immortal souls. Each human bears God’s image, and therefore, we view your children as being of inestimable worth. And being able to care for your children is an immense privilege for us.

As physicians, we view our practice and our care of your children as a ministry God has given us. To quote Crawford W. Long, a famous Georgia physician who is enshrined at the U.S. Capitol, “my profession is to me a ministry from God.” We agree, and therefore, we take our responsibility to care for your children with the utmost seriousness. You have the right to expect excellent pediatric care from us. All of the physicians at Augusta Pediatric Associates, PC, are certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and members of the American College of Pediatricians. We are committed to staying current with new information and treatments. We view our practice as much more than simply having a career, job, or profession; God has given us medical skills to use as a way of honoring him and serving others. We desire to serve our patients and their families in a way that combines medical expertise with compassion and gentleness. And we view our practice as more than simply taking care of your children’s physical needs, as important as that is; we also desire to serve your children in their mental and spiritual development.

Our History

The practice started in 1980 in Thomson, Georgia. Dr. Miller had just finished his pediatric residency in Houston, Texas, and moved with his family to Thomson, a medically underserved area, to serve two years with the National Health Service Corps. Thomson was his chosen town, and the people there enthusiastically received and supported the newly minted pediatrician. Our practice still sees many patients from Thomson, and we are grateful to the people there for helping the practice in many ways, not the least in trusting a new pediatrician to care for their children.

Dr. Miller moved to Augusta in 1982 and continued, for the next three years, to maintain offices in both Augusta and Thomson, closing the Thomson office in 1985.  Dr. Steven L. Moore (retired in 2018) joined the practice soon thereafter.

  • Dr. Newton joined us in 1996 after finishing his training in Nashville at Vanderbilt University. He came with the specific vision of simultaneously practicing pediatrics and directing Medical Campus Outreach, a large campus ministry for medical students, dental students, nursing students, and allied health students. He is an organized, upbeat, highly relational and high-energy individual.
  • Dr. Drake came to us in 2002 from her training at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, one of the finest children’s hospitals in the country. She delivers high quality pediatric care in her quiet, steady, understated way while taking care of her husband and five children.
  • Dr. Massey moved here in 2003 from Charleston, SC after finishing her residency at the Medical University of South Carolina. She also nicely balances the excellent care of her patients with that of her husband and four children. She brings a contagious happiness to the practice.
  • Dr. Hanna joined us in 2004, fresh from his training at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. He is an excellent physician who is foundational to the future of this practice. He brings his gifts of good clinical judgment, energy, and wisdom to our practice mix. He has excellent people skills.
  • Dr. Threadgill completed his pediatric residency in 2010 at the Medical College of Georgia and became a part of our practice a month later. He possesses a blend of intelligence, joy, diligence, and superb communication skills. He is an integral part of our future.
  • Dr. Leverett joined our practice in 2013 after having been in private practice in Charleston, SC for two years. She is a fine clinician and a team-player with a calm and gentle demeanor. She is a wife and mother of a young son. She has been a welcome addition to APA.
  • Dr. Lazari came to us in 2016 after completing his pediatric training at the Medical College of Georgia; his last year there he was chief resident.  He is the regional director for Medical Campus Outreach.  He is an excellent physician and a man of vision for APA, for the community, and for the world.
  • Dr. Lane joined us in 2016 after having trained at the Medical College of Georgia. He began a thriving pediatric practice in South Augusta which merged with ours and is still ongoing.  He blends great clinical skills with a good mind for planning, administration, and management.
  • Dr. Wilson comes to us from Cusco, Peru where he worked as a medical missionary for 9 years.  He completed his pediatric residency at the Medical College of Georgia, practiced for a short time in Augusta, and then went to Peru.  He is a superb pediatrician who is fluent in Spanish.  He will be at our South Augusta office.

God has blessed us over the years with the privilege of caring for you or your children, and we are grateful for that privilege.

We exist as a practice to demonstrate the beauty of Jesus Christ by delivering expert pediatric care to our patients.